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Linen & Room Spray

Linen & Room Spray


Introducing our Linen & Room Spray, perfect for refreshing any room or fabric in your home. Experience our signature soy candle scents in a new way with this bestseller product. Our clean ingredients are free from toxins and mutagens, making it safe for use around your loved ones. Plus, it's phthalate-free for added peace of mind.

Refresh your linens and fabrics with our Linen & Room Spray that's easy to use. Simply spritz on any fabric or into the air to enjoy its delightful scent that will last all day long.

Our formula is designed to be safe and gentle on all fabrics without leaving any stains or residue behind. Use it on curtains, furniture upholstery, bed linens, towels and more without worry of damage or discoloration.

Experience the power of clean fragrances with our Linen & Room Spray that's gentle yet effective at freshening up any space in your home. Order now to enjoy a refreshing burst of delightful scents today!

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