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Scented Candles



You will find helpful informations below on our wholesale program

At the moment, we only carry one size jar and  use two different wicks, the cotton wick and the wooden wick. Candles with cotton wicks are priced less than those with wooden wicks. 


We carry our classic lines of scents year round. The following scents are Gardenia, Magnolia and Peony, Cashmere Plum, Day At The Spa and Honeysuckle Jasmine. However, we continuously add scents to this list. 

Minimum Order Quantity: 24 Candles per order
Maximum Number of Scents: Four

11.5 oz. Jars with Cotton Wick

Wholesale Price: $13

MSRP  $ 16.00

11.5 oz Jars with Wooden Wick

Wholesale Price: $ 15.00

MSRP $ 18.00


Wholesale Guidelines

  • Pricing Guidelines

    • It is recommended that products be sold within the MSRP, however, we understand that you may want to adjust that pricing based on your clientele/location. At no point should products be less than the price in which they can be purchased on, unless they temporarily listed as sale items.

  • Delivery + Shipping Costs

    • Delivery is free if the drop-off location is within 20 miles of 45887 zip code. $15 for orders 20-30 miles away and $20 delivery fee for all orders 30-40 miles. 

    • Shipping cost will be passed on to the buyer based on weight and dimensions of order. 

  • Minimum

    • 24 candle minimum 

  • Seasonal Minimums

    • Fall & Holiday Candles: 12 candles / 2 scent

  • Ordering

    • Ordering should be done via email to with your desired quantity of candles and scent.

    • Orders will be ready within 5-7 business days. 

    • Rush delivery upon request

  • Invoices + Payment

    • Once an order is placed, an invoice will be sent from us via email and must be paid on date of delivery.

    • A 50% deposit is required on orders over 48 candles.

  • Exchanges

    • If a product is not selling after 90 days I'm happy to exchange the item(s) for something else or process a refund.

  • Returns

    • I will accept returned items only if they are unburned and in their original condition.

    • I will process a refund for any defective items.


Display of Product

Customers want to SNIFF the candles! Make them easy to reach and handle. If possible, have one of each scent open so it's easy to grab and sniff. Not only will that waft the scent throughout your shop but it's also a nice way to draw the customer in to the space. Consider placing candles near your front door or in a walkway. 

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