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Finer Finds & Creations is always finding ways to help out our local communities. Here's an updated list of local fundraisers that we help and assist. We donate 40% of the profits we generate from any sales of our candles. We do all the work. You just SPREAD the great news!

Mae Vandemark


Finer Finds & Creations

This fundraiser is near and dear to my heart. Since moving to Spencerville in 2019, I have dedicated part of my life with volunteer works in our local summer festival. Every year, we try to approach different avenues in order to raise funds for next year's Summerfest. This year, with every candle you buy from Finer Finds & Creations, we donate 40% of the profit straight to the Spencerville Summerfest Funds. 

This guarantees us an even bigger and better Summerfest every year.

Thank you all for the support.


Image by Scotty Turner
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